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NLPR Journal Re-Launched
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Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the foundation of human-machine interaction, which has been hailed as the jewel in the crown of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The technology of the NLP field helps intelligent agents understand human language, emotions and intentions, while also offering them the possibility to express their “thoughts”.

Breakthroughs in NLP technology have led to the development of AI. NLP provides a solution for AI science to understand the experience and knowledge that is recorded in natural language. That is, using pre-training techniques in the NLP field, AI models can learn from a large number of natural language texts to help solve downstream tasks.

The development of NLP technology promotes the harmony and stability of AI technology. NLP technology provides “deciphering” capabilities for AI models. For instance, with the help of NLP technology, AI models can give the evidence of results in the form of natural language, so that the models can explain the cause of the results autonomously, and thus improve the credibility of the results.

NLP applications promote and improve people’s lives, including smart customer service, smart home, and more. With the help of these apps, people can handle things more easily. As a result, there is a growing demand for some newer, better NLP applications. However, existing technologies are already struggling to meet a range of new demands of society. Despite the increasing number and wealth of research on NLP, there are still many intractable technical obstacles such as grammar production, lexical semantics, logical semantics, and so on.

To encourage and promote research exchange and cooperation among the global scientific community in areas related to NLP, the journal Natural Language Processing Research has been re-launched by Athena International Publishing at the end of 2022. With NLP techniques, machine learning or pattern recognition techniques for NLP, and NLP applications as its core topics, the journal will showcase the latest research and major technological breakthroughs in NLP worldwide to drive the continued and comprehensive development of NLP technologies.


Kan Li

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