Materials Highlights

Aims & Scope

Materials Highlights is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research reports, review papers, commentaries and communications in the broadly defined fields of materials science and engineering. The emphasis of the journal is on new ideas for preparing functional materials and on the relationship between material properties (composition, structure, shape) and functions (biomedical, energy and environmental applications) at all length scales.

Materials Highlights is dedicated to the latest highlights in materials science and engineering. All manuscripts undergo a rigorous peer review process and decisions are based on the recommendations of independent reviewers. The scope of the journal covers the design, preparation, characterization and application of all kinds of functional materials. Topics covered include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Hypothesis-driven design of functional materials.
  • Materials whose functionality arises from their ingredients, such as inorganics, organics, alloys, quantum dots, polymers, biomacromolecules, graphene, nanotubes, pharmaceuticals, catalysts and their composite or hybrid materials.
  • Materials where the functional performance results from their internal structures, such as homogeneous, heterogeneous, core-shell, Janus, hierarchical, multiple-compartment and other complex structures.
  • Materials whose function results from their external shapes, such as linear fibers, round particles, donuts, ribbons, dumbbells, shuttles, tadpoles, and other special shapes.
  • Materials surface science and engineering linking structure to functional performance.
  • New strategies for materials preparation and characterization.
  • Functional applications, with an emphasis on the biomedical, energy and environmental fields.